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Get the Facts

Cliff note version: 

It would appear that the HCHOA Board has no intention of telling truth to the community about their loss in arbitration.

1 - We LOST in arbitration, even though the HCHOA board all but guaranteed a win.
2 - Our 2000 agreement is now null and void (All structure density limitations are gone)
3 - We lost all the benefits from the 2000 agreement (All benefits such as water rights are gone)
4 - We also lost an opportunity to negotiate for an additional $6 million dollars in community benefits

In fact, in a last ditch effort by Stan Abrams, Jim Pals and Ross Tilton, a $6 million dollar settlement was agreed to the weekend prior to the arbitrator making his ruling. Our board could not even get the document signed in time. Our board finally signed the settlement document which would have given our community $6 million dollars literally 5 minutes AFTER the arbitrator announced that we had lost. Thus, the settlement was void. All parties pleaded with the board to sign the document but they procrastinated which cost us millions.

By continually refusing to negotiate with the Canyons for the last several years, we lost much. In addition to getting out the truth, the intent of this website is to give the community some background in what led up to this atrocity.  Please click on the The Facts tab above for the truth.